Panacea Pharmaceutical’s cancer Immunotherapy program has three main drug candidates: Naked Antibody Drug, Antibody-Toxin Drug, and a Nanoparticle-Based Vaccine Drug. The naked-antibody drug candidate, PAN-622, acts on cancer cells to normalize them; it is an all-human antibody (minimizing any adverse side effect) and its efficacy in cells as well as animal models of cancer has been demonstrated. It is being manufactured for further preclinical studies.

Panacea’s vaccine immunotherapy drug is the company’s main focus and is currently in Phase 1 clinical trials. It is a nanoparticle-based vaccine that enables the immune system to generate polyclonal antibodies against HAAH and stimulates a cellular immune response that stops the growth of the cancer tumors and kills the cancer cells. Panacea Pharmaceuticals has developed this robust vaccine therapeutic drug candidate based on the cancer-specific antigen HAAH that is demonstrated to be immunogenic and efficacious in animal models of cancer. It has been used in animal models of liver, breast, and prostate cancers; it has inhibited tumor growth by over 90%, metastasis by over 80%, and has increased survival from 12.5 to 100%.