Panacea’s blood and tissue tests based on detecting the presence and level of HAAH using its proprietary antibody can be used for screening, monitoring, surveillance, recurrence, as well as for drug sensitivity and as comparison diagnostics for patient management. The blood test has shown an accuracy of 95% in a population of 762 patients with Breast, Prostate, Colon, and Lung cancers as well as non-cancer subjects. The tissue tests have been extensively studied on approximately 1500 human tissue samples from a mix of patients with more than 20 different cancers and have shown nearly 100% success in separating the cancerous vs. non-cancerous tissues. Additionally, Panacea has also developed a gene expression-based test for leukemia and tried it on a population of 126 patients with a mix of normal, CML and AML patients with great success in diagnosis and predicting drug sensitivity.